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 Since 2012, Transport de Clare offers monthly scheduled service from Digby Neck and Islands, departing from Westport and picking up passengers along the route to the Town of Digby. Volunteer cars are also available.


In April 2014, the Weymouth and Area Division merged with the Digby and Area Division. The Municipality of the District of Digby provides operational funds for both areas, which are now combined within one budget.


Transportation departing Westport

the 1st Tuesday of every month


DOOR-TO-DOOR Pick Up and Return
Along the Route to The Town of DIGBY for:


Shopping – Errands – Visiting – Banking 

 Trip Duration: approximately 3 Hours

$20 round-trip

For more info call our Toll-Free Dispatch Line

(Mon to Fri: 8 am – 4 pm): 1-888-769-2477      



Transport de Clare visits Tiverton Super Seniors October 2011

tiverton-super-seniors-hall web


IMG 7599 - Version 2

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Wesport senors web

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